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Title:  A Thousand Times Before and After
Fandom: The Little Mermaid/Ponyo
Rating: G
Word Count 292
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: He's loved her before; he loves her now, and he will love her again.
A/N Done for [profile] lai_lai_ranma's prompt @ disney_kink: TLM/Ponyo crossover... Ponyo is the young Ariel and Sasuke is Eric as a kid.

His mother is worried about the parameters of the spell. How can a little boy be so sure he will love a little girl forever?

Sasuke just shakes his head. His mommy is a very understanding person, but there are some things she will just never get.

He's loved Ponyo before, and he's simply never stopped. Only forgotten.

He doesn't remember everything about being a Prince, being Eric. How could he? His mind's not ready.

But he remembers loving her.

It doesn't matter what she calls herself, be it Ponyo or Ariel (or even if it were Mildred, Diana, or Rachel...) The brilliant red hair and wide-eyed wonder don't change.

She is everything he loves about the sea, and the only thing he could really love apart from it.

He looks at her when she takes his hand, when they make sand castles, and eat sandwiches. She doesn't say it out loud. (She's not mute the way she was that one time, but she still can't say much. A lot more changed about her body this time. It takes practice.)

He knows she remembers.

It's there in the way she smiles when they use forks instead of chopsticks.

The way she tries to hold bubbles in her hand, even though she knows they're going to pop.

The way she tries to sing, because music is just so, so important even though her throat doesn't quite work right yet.

Most of all, it's in the way that she'll do anything to walk beside him.

He does for her now the same thing he did then.

He does everything he can to make sure she can stay.

So stay she does.

They walk. They run.

The suns shines on them brightly.

They wonder free.


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