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Title: Reassurance
Rating: G
Words: 115
Prompt: Concern

Cassie nearly hyperventilated as she lifted the truck. The lifting part was as easy as ever, but the fear–the fear that she would find him dead underneath the debris–sent her reeling.

“I’m okay.” Tim’s voice was gentle, but direct.

Of course he would manage to curl himself into the protective dent left by the robots fist. It was probably covered in batkid 101.

Cassie breathed a sigh of deliverance, and extended her hand.

“Okay then. Let’s get back to kicking this thing’s metallic ass.”

He snorted.

But he took her hand.

Title: Before the Dawn
Rating: G
Words: 431
Prompt: Married with a kid

Diane is born entirely human. That’s what all the tests say. Cassie blinks and realizes she shouldn’t be surprised, but she’d wondered at the back of her mind.

It’s a little scary, eclipsed only by the amazement that this tiny, screeching, vulnerable little girl hangs onto her pinky finger with so much tenacity.

Donna, Roy, and half a dozen other heros who have had children, tried to protect them, succeeded, and failed flit through her memory and she takes calming breaths.

This one, Cassie thinks, is luckier. Twice as safe.

Her daughter has both a mommy and a daddy to protect her.

“Heh. That’s what you daddy’s doing right now, actually.”


He smiled and laughed when she showed him the pregnancy test. Told her that after being parents to the Titans for so long, they were more than prepared for this. But when he took her hands in his own, they were shaking. So when she put her own arms around him, she made sure they were firm and unmoving.

Diane’s eyes are blue. The doctor told her than all baby’s eyes look like that, but when Cassie squints, she’d swear that the shade is slowly changing to something that looks more like Tim’s eyes over the progression of a couple months.

Their baby makes a distinct “notice me” gurgle as she grasps at her mother’s hand, playing with the ring that still shines, though it’s not as polished as when Tim put it on Cassie’s finger three years ago.

Cassie blinks sleepily at the clock, red lines reading 6:42 AM.

“You little booger. Couldn’t wait for him to get home, could ya?”

Diane sneezes. Tim’s last call over the comm told her that he’d be home in the early morning, flying in from Gotham.

Cassie sighs, wrapping her daughter up in blankets, slipping boots on her own feet.

She alerts the Tower’s security before hopping out the window with an excited baby in her arms.

They don’t fly so much as hover, just beyond the roof overlooking San Francisco.

They wait to see which arrives first, her husband or the dawn.

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