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Valentines Day drabbles done a while ago for friends. (With one recent drabble @ the end.)

Church, Jem/Tessa, Agitated
It was early morning when Church hopped onto the side table and looked down on his white-haired human's bed; He had intended to wake up the gentle-voiced male so that the feeding could commence, but seeing him curled up and tangled in the brown hair of his gray-eyed mate, Church paused and allowed them a single moment of peace... before meowing and demanding sustenance.


Henry, Jem/Tessa, Prudent
Though not the most observant of men, Henry did notice that Jem tended to use items involving jade quite a bit, so when he gave him a stone-polishing device as a wedding gift, he made sure to include the *truly* useful thing, which was the note attached, "I know you will take good care of all that shines in your life. Just remember to tell her you love her. Every day of every year. Apparently even the smartest of women must be told these things. --Henry."


Jem/Tessa, Breakfast
Tessa was sad when she came down to breakfast and found that both Jem and Will were gone, off to investigate. But when Sophie handed her a letter, she felt excitement bubble up as she caught the scent of wood musk and sweetness, and inside, she found a line of chinese characters and a composition of musical notes. It was a promise for later. A translation meant for her ears alone. A song for when she and Jem were together. She held it tightly and began to plan her own gift in turn.


Henry/Charlotte, Wonder
It's inspiring, this sudden knowledge that Charlotte loves him and has loved him all along. So when some of Jem's violin notes drift to their room, Henry asks his newly pregnant wife to dance with him. Charlotte smiles and complies. He holds her till the notes run out, and long after that. She doesn't even say anything when he steps on her toes.


Jem/Tessa, Malaise
He finds her by the ashes of the fireplace, with her hand wrapped by Sophie’s careful ministrations and Henry’s special salve.

She’s worried about Will. He may not know the details, but Jem can tell that much. It’s… it’s both an ache and a relief in the same moment. He’s spent years of his life hoping, enduring, and believing in Will and being so alone in that. And now finally someone else sees the good in his parabatai too. 

But Will hurts people. Because he cannot help himself and Jem is sorry that his new fiance has taken on the pain that comes with accepting them both. For to take one is, to some extent, to take the other.

So he takes her burnt hand between his own and kisses it, chancing a glance at her face, watching the sad frown become a sad smile.

In the distance, Sophie calls them to dinner, and he leads her away.

They leave the ashes to their own devices.



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